Lore Bert

Lore Bert, born 1936 on July 2nd in Gießen (Germany), grown up in Darmstadt, studied 1953-57 painting in Darmstadt and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin with the sculptor Professor Hans Uhlmann.
Characteristically for her artistic work since about 4 decades is the work with paper and space. Since 1982 she created collages, reliefs, transparencies and sculptures with Far Eastern papers on paper, canvas and later also on wood. Since 1984 she constructed installations, paper rooms and environments with different materials. Since 1994 she realized environments with neon letters, neon tubes, oriental neon numbers and neon spheres up to complete neon spaces.
More than 125 environmental installations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Arabic countries, the USA and Mexico have been realised in public space until 2019.
From 1996 on, when she had her important shows in Cairo (Egypt) the material papyrus as well as gold leaf became part of her work.
Constructive, geometrical and architectural shapes and ornaments as well as numbers and letters are her form elements. Humanities and sciences, poetic and philosophic writings, astronomy, logical constellations, mathematics, abstract qualities, universal relations and the absolute in its poetic beauty create the mental and spiritual base of her work. Historical circumstances of cultural characteristics of different countries are transformed into artworks.
More than 280 solo and group shows in 28 different countries worldwide document the ›Dialogue of Cultures‹ in her work and are published in about 110 books and catalogues, including more than 40 monographs of Museum one man shows.
Several times Lore Bert was presented in Biennials, 1999 she was ›Honorary Artist at the Biennale of Sharjah‹ (United Arab Emirates), 2011 she was ›Honorary Artist at the Biennale of Izmir‹ (Turkey), 2013 she presented a ›Collateral Event‹ at the Biennale of Venice in the ›Biblioteca Marciana‹ (St. Mark’s National Library at the Correr Museum). For the Biennale in Venice 2019 she realized an art space in San Samuele church with the environment »Illumination – Ways to Perception (Eureka)« with 2 columns 4,32 m high, made of dichroic glass in a 50 sm field of folded papers.
Her works are in numerous public and private collections. In 2017, she was awarded the »Medal of the Mayor of the City of Lublin in recognition for outstanding creative archivements and extraordinary artistic activity« to honour her accomplishments and contribution for the city’s cultural life.
Lore Bert works in Mainz (Germany) and Venice (Italy).